With a Central Plus Checking Account, you get immediate access to licensed doctors for ZERO copay! Feel at ease with urgent care and mental help for you and your family. We've got you covered at Idaho Central Credit Union!


Access to 24/7 video or phone visits with U.S.-based board-certified, licensed and credentialed doctors ready to care for you and your family. There are zero copays and no surprise bills, plus discounts on prescriptions and lab work. Telehealth covers non-emergency, urgent care for things like allergies, sinus infections, flu, strep throat, bronchitis, hypertension, rashes, acne and more. Therapists and counselors are also there to help work through mental and behavioral health, including depression, divorce, grief, loss, and addictions. (Registration/activation required).*

For more information on Telehealth benefits check out some of our most Frequently Asked Questions, or open a Central Plus Checking Account to enjoy this benefit today!

What types of conditions can I use Telehealth for?

You can use Telehealth for any non-emergency, primary care need that you might see your general physician or an urgent care clinic to treat. You also have access to licensed Mental Health Therapists and Counselors.

Who is eligible for this service?

Benefits are available for the primary account holder and their joint account holder(s) through their own account and their family members. Family members include spouse/domestic partner and up to six (6) dependent children aged 2 and older.

How much does this cost to use?

Telehealth services are complimentary. However, the costs for any prescriptions, lab work or referrals to doctors outside of this service, if deemed applicable, are not covered.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can have a consultation?

No, you can schedule as many appointments as necessary.

Can I get a prescription?

Yes, prescriptions can be prescribed via a video session and sent directly to your pharmacy.

Can I get discounts on prescriptions?

Yes, you can access a free prescription discount card on the telehealth portal. Discounts may vary. This is a prescription discount program and is not considered insurance.

How do I add family members?

Simply log in to the telehealth portal and click on “Add a Family Member”.

Where is this service available?

Nationwide coverage is available in both English and Spanish.

How does LifeVitals work?

It detects blood flow under your skin to provide vital sign readings.

Is LifeVitals registered with the FDA?

Yes, it is currently registered with the FDA.

*Disclosure: Available for the account holder and their spouse/domestic partner and up to six (6) dependent children age 2 and older. This is not insurance.

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