Relief to Our Members

The current economic disruptions caused by COVID-19 may cause financial challenges for many of our members. During this time, Idaho Central is offering borrower assistance including a Signature Loan and a Skip a Payment option on most consumer loans.

Signature Loan

Idaho Central Credit Union is here to help you achieve financial success. That’s why we’re offering a Signature Loan for members who may be financially affected at this time.

  • As low as 2.99% fixed interest rate
  • Loan terms up to 24 months
  • Up to $5,000
  • No payment for 90 days

Use promo code: ICCURELIEF

Apply Now

For more information, call 1-800-456-5067 or use VideoChat.

Annual Percentage Rate. Offer valid for new signature loans only. $5,000 maximum balance. Maximum term limit allowed is 24 months. The cash amount you qualify to receive may vary depending on individual credit history and length of term. The interest rate you qualify to receive may vary depending on individual credit history and length of term. Additional terms and conditions apply. Rate does not apply to current Idaho Central Credit Union loans. Limit one loan per household. Must be at least 21 years old. First payment may be deferred up to 90 days and is dependent upon when your loan funds, your deferment may be 90 days or less. Interest continues to accrue during deferred payment period. Promotion may be canceled at any time. Offer ends 4/16/2020. Membership eligibility required. All loans OAC.

Skip a Payment

Skip a payment for up to 60 days on your consumer loans, allowing you to free up money for unexpected expenses.
Loans include:

  • Visa Credit Cards
  • Auto Loans
  • RV Loans
  • Motorcycle Loans
  • Boat Loans
  • Excludes Mortgages and HELOC

Plus, we’re waiving the processing fee.

To set up Skip a Payment, call 1-800-456-5067 or use VideoChat.

Choosing to skip a payment(s) will extend the term of your loan. If your loan has been partially paid, the remainder of the amount due will be skipped. Your regular payment will be due the month after the skipped period. Interest will continue to accrue. This will affect the APR (annual percentage rate) calculation as disclosed on the relevant statement. If your payment is made through payroll deduction, we will deposit the amount of the payment into your account. If your monthly payment has already been satisfied we will automatically skip the next payment due. If any of your loans with ICCU are delinquent or any other aspects of your account(s) with ICCU are considered not in “good standing” at the time this offer is returned, then you may not be eligible and ICCU is not responsible to provide notification that the request is being denied. Idaho Central is not responsible for any fees or charges that result from the skipped payment(s). Offer applicable for a maximum of 60 days on applicable consumer loans.

Important note: If your payment is made through eBranch, you will need to go into eBranch and stop your automatic payments for the skipped period.