Member Feedback

Member Feedback

We value our members' opinions and feedback. Here's what Idaho Central Credit Union members are saying about us:

"[I love] the fact that ICCU is a not-for-profit organization acting with the best interest of its members in mind, rather than the bottom line. That, and the customer service is excellent." - Downtown Branch Member

"Idaho Central Credit Union has gone to great lengths to personalize my experience, and deliver great customer service." - Parkcenter Branch Member

"I am very satisfied with the service and my business experiences. ICCU is far superior to other credit unions in town." - LBJ Branch Member

"I really like the services and the people at the branch I use the most. The people make you feel special every time you walk in." - Pierce Park Branch Member

"It's a simple, logical choice to do banking with a neighbor... I like all the ICCU branches for the seamless interactions and consistent, friendly service that I expect from ICCU. My family and I are online 24/7 so internet banking has been a real treat!" - Overland Branch Member

"We have always been happy with the service we receive. Our history with ICCU goes back many years and we have used many services. Everyone has always been courteous and helpful. We love working with ICCU!" - Mountain View Branch Member

"I believe in keeping business local, I believe in the philosophy of the credit union, and finally, the representative was very friendly!" - Fairview Branch Member

"I recommend ICCU to all my friends and family. I like being treated like an old friend, which is something I never received at a traditional bank." - Cherry Lane Branch Member

"I am happy with my overall experience, from signing up to the online banking. When I walked into my local branch, the banker even remembered my name! Now that's impressive. Thank you for a warm welcome, I'm looking forward to the years ahead of being your customer." - Nampa Branch Member

"ICCU is the best banking service I have had in my 45 years of using banks and other credit unions." - Southside Nampa Branch Member

"Idaho Central provides great service and good hours. I feel like I am welcome and my needs are considered. Thanks for providing the best service ever." - Caldwell Branch Member

"Idaho Central Credit Union is a local chain, which means they have the customer's best interest at heart. It's easy to bank with ICCU!" - Twin Falls Branch Member

"I had been thinking about joining a credit union for a long time and finally made my mind up to do it. You made it a very easy process and it has been much appreciated." - Burley Branch Member

"Your credit union is so much more accommodating than any bank I have ever dealt with. That should say plenty. Thank you! I have already recommended you to family and friends." - Blackfoot Branch Member

"I give ICCU a 10. I enjoy the personal greeting with my name when I come in." - Chubbuck Branch Member

"The customer service here is excellent! Plus, banking at a member-owned union is such a comfort." - Pocatello Branch Member

"Friendly staff, offering other services, and a very 'home-town' feel! The new ATMs that scan in my paycheck are AWESOME! They kick the pants off other banks in town!" - Sunnyside Branch Member

"Almost every bank has fees for debit cards, but Idaho Central doesn’t and that’s a money saver plus!" - Broadway Branch Member