My Deposit

Don't have time to run to the branch to deposit your check? No problem! Deposit checks from the comfort of your home using your scanner and the My Deposit feature in eBranch.

Benefits of My Deposit:

• Convenient - deposit checks from the comfort of your home
• Fast - saves you the time of running to a branch/ATM to deposit your check
• Save Money - no more wasting gas to run to the branch/ATM for a check deposit
• Peace of Mind - securely deposit checks when it is convenient for you

View the My Deposit tutorial video.

Access My Deposit by logging into eBranch and clicking "My Deposit" in the left-hand navigation menu. If you are not currently enrolled in eBranch, simply fill out the enrollment form.

For more information on using My Deposit, read the My Deposit Help page. If you are trying to make a My Deposit and it has failed, click here for possible reasons.

Eligibility requirements apply.