Expedited Payments Questions

When do I use an Expedited Payment?
An expedited payment should be used when you need to make a payment by the next business day.

Where do I verify if my payment is completed?
If the status of the payment is completed, cleared, or sent you will refer to the Bill History in the Bill Payments section to refer to the completed payment. If the status is scheduled or pending you will refer to the pending payments section under the Bill Payment section. All Expedited Payments will go to the Pending Payment area until they are executed and will then move to the Bill History section of Bill Pay.

What if my payee does not accept electronic payments?
If your payee does not accept electronic payments, then there is also the Overnight Check option you can take advantage of.

What information will I need to make an Expedited Payment?
In order to utilize the Overnight Check option in Expedited Payments you will need the correct address, amount, and phone number for the payee. For the Expedited Payment all you will need to have is the amount you would like to pay.

Can I send an Expedited Overnight Check to a P.O. Box?
No, you can only send an Expedited Overnight Check to the payee’s physical address.

Are there any restrictions in locations for an Expedited Overnight Check?
Yes, it is unavailable for delivery to AK, HI, or any foreign or US territory outside of the contiguous 48 states and District of Columbia.

If I already have the payee's information in Bill Pay but the payee's overnight address is different, will that change the address I already have in Bill Pay?
No, it will not replace the address for the payee in the Bill Pay section, since Expedited Payments is a separate option it will ask you for the address each time you choose to make an Expedited Payment and will not save this information.

What if the payee offers both the Expedited Electronic as well as the Expedited Overnight Check?
Some Payees will offer both options and you will have the ability to choose which option fits your situation.

How will I know what Expedited Payment options my payee accepts?
There are two ways to accomplish this. The first would be once you add the payee to Bill pay, when you choose Expedited Payments it will refer to the Bill Payment information and display what options are available for this payee. The second way would be to notify the payee directly.

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