Meet the Greens

Say hello to The Greens: Kelly, Hunter, Olive, Forest and Grandma Ivy. They’re the smart, tech-loving, financially-savvy family on the block—especially with ICCU’s crazy-convenient app and top-notch tools. So whether it’s financing the family car or keeping an eye on the kiddos’ online spending (lookin’ at you, Olive), ICCU has everything this family needs to stay in the green.

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Meet Kelly Green

Mom / Yogi

Namaste. Meet Kelly—a mom of two, wife, daughter-in-law, and certified yogi. Kelly and her husband Hunter love to spend time with their family, keep up with the latest movies and tech…and get overly competitive about their credit scores from time to time. And with My Credit from ICCU, Kelly can see her and her husband’s scores in real-time. The stakes? Loser has to make the morning coffee. The score? Hunter’s been brewing for 3 months straight. You’ll get ‘em next time, champ.

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Meet Hunter Green

Dad / Early Adopter

Hunter has always considered himself to be the most tech-savvy dad on the block. His mom taught him to budget and save from a young age—and he and his wife Kelly have been doing the same with their son Forest and daughter Olive. Hunter uses ICCU to handle everything from financing the new family car via VideoChat to CardControl—which lets you turn off a misplaced card instantly. Misplaced, or misused…who’s to say?

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Meet Olive Green

Daughter / Media Mogul

Olive may not be a household name—yet. But her natural affinity for vlogging has already earned her quite a following for a twelve-year-old. Most days, you can find her hustling around the neighborhood (walking the neighbors’ dogs and selling homemade ice cream) to buy the latest in video tech. Olive uses her debit card and Starter Checking Account to make responsible purchases…with the supervision of Mom and Dad. Hi guys.

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Meet Forest Green

Son / Entrepreneur

Forest, Olive’s older brother, has had an entrepreneurial spirit since his first neighborhood lemonade stand at age 6. Now, as an incoming college freshman, Forest is running the neighborhood’s #1 lawn mowing operation—which, for the most part, he’s using to fill up the college fund. And with ICCU’s mobile app, he can deposit checks and accept Zelle® payments that hit his bank account in just seconds. (ding!)

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Meet Ivy Green

Grandma / Confectioner

As the matriarch of the Green family, Ivy’s financial savvy has been passed down to her childrens’—and grandchildrens’—generations. Since her retirement a few years back, Ivy has discovered her knack for baking all kinds of goodies—trying new recipes with her taste testers, Forest and Olive. Staying on top of her finances with direct deposit, automatic payments and more makes retirement that much sweeter for this grandmother and aspiring bake-a-thon champ.

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