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10 Frugal Date Ideas

March 27, 2015

Couple Riding Bikes

Dating doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. There are many fun and affordable things to do with that special someone. Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter if you are eating a slice of pizza or dining on caviar, being with the right person is what really makes the date! Check out these ideas for some inspiration on money conscious dates.

  1. Brunch instead of dinner – breakfast is usually a lot cheaper than dinner and you can usually get way more bang for your buck. You can still go to the new, hot restaurant, and just move it up a bit to an earlier meal.
  2. Find local free/cheap classes you can take together at your local library, college or art center.
  3. Play tourist in your own city – visit landmarks, parks, farmers markets and other fun attractions that you normally reserve for out of town guests.
  4. Plan an ethnic food night – invite another couple over or do it solo and have everyone try their hand at making something from a specific region.
  5. Have a thrift store shopping challenge – see who can find the most fun find for under $5.
  6. Find the best spot to watch the sunset and bring along your favorite dessert.
  7. Plan a bike ride around town to different restaurants that have happy hour food and drink specials.
  8. Find a local fire pit, or use your own backyard and have a s’mores night.
  9. Flashback to childhood – you and your date each pick your favorite movie and foods from when you were a kid and make a night of it.
  10. Create a scavenger hunt for your date – include fun things to do and places to eat along the way.