Personal Loans

At Idaho Central Credit Union, we want to make sure we have a loan for every need. That’s why we offer multiple personal loan options like a Signature Loan, Secured Loan, and a Personal Line of Credit. Each loan provides flexibility and convenience to fit your specific needs. With great terms and rates that save you money, you can’t go wrong!

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You need a loan with flexibility and convenience.

Signature Loan

Perhaps you need a vacation, had an emergency, or need to buy new furniture. Whatever the need is, an Idaho Central Signature Loan offers the flexibility you need while keeping you financially on track with a great rate and term.

  • No application fees
  • Terms available up to 72 months
  • Low rates

Secured Loan

Idaho Central offers Share or Certificate of Deposit (CD) Secured Loans and Visas. When you have money in your Savings Account or CD at ICCU, you can use it as collateral on a loan or Visa.

Eligible Secured Accounts:

  • Savings Accounts
  • CDs (an IRA, or a retirement/investment type account, is not eligible collateral to pledge on a secured loan)

Personal Line of Credit

If you have an excellent credit score, an Idaho Central Personal Line of Credit could be the perfect fit for your needs or unexpected expenses. Get approved for a line of credit up to $2,500 and enjoy the convenience of linking it to your ICCU checking account(s) for overdraft protection.

  • Line of credit up to $2,500
  • Fixed rate
  • Flexible terms

Signature Loans

Type Rate*
Type12 Months Rate*11.040% Terms
Type24 Months Rate*11.040% Terms
Type36 Months Rate*11.740% Terms
Type48 Months Rate*11.940% Terms
Type60 Months Rate*12.140% Terms
Type72 Months Rate*12.640% Terms
Type84 Months Rate*13.140% Terms
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Share Secured Loans

Type Rate*
TypeShare Secured Rate*3.095% Terms
TypeCD Secured Rate*3.095% Terms

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