Positive Pay Fraud Detection

Scammers are becoming more clever every day, and trying to keep up with them can be exhausting! Let Idaho Central Credit Union give you peace of mind by knowing that our Positive Pay Fraud Detection tool is closely monitoring your business account for any suspicious activity.

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Customizable Protection

Business owners can customize their level of protection and set parameters by choosing Check Positive Pay, ACH Positive Pay, or both! This tool will diligently check every check and electronic payment against a list of authorized, approved transactions and send alerts when an unauthorized transaction has occurred. Prevent loss by quickly identifying and returning fraudulent ACH transactions or unauthorized checks with a click of a button.

Protecting your business is crucial, and ICCU is here to help. Positive Pay saves you time and money by providing another level of protection for you to monitor your accounts. Click below to see how we can start protecting your business today!

Need help using our Positive Pay tools? Check out the tutorials here.

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