Motorcycle Loans

Get ready to rev that engine and enjoy the open road with an Idaho Central Motorcycle Loan. Just let us know if you plan to purchase or refinance your motorcycle, and we’ll shift your loan into gear to meet your every need. Open road, here we come!

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You want to experience the freedom of the open road on a motorcycle.

Simple to Finance & Amazing Rates

At Idaho Central, we believe in making our financing options simple and easy. That’s why when you have Idaho Central Motorcycle Loan, you’ll receive the service you deserve so you can cruise down the road worry free!

  • Low, affordable interest rates
  • Quick loan decisions
  • Local, friendly service

Term Options

Up to 84 months


No loan application fees

How much will your monthly loan payment be? Use this calculator to determine how much your monthly loan payment will be, based on vehicle price and loan information.

Motorcycle Refinance Calculator

Determine out how much you could reduce your monthly and total loan payments if you refinance your loan.

Motorcycle Rates

Age of Vehicle Loan Term Interest Rate
Age of Vehicle2022 or newer Loan Term60 months Interest Rate8.790% Terms
Age of Vehicle2019-2021 Loan Term60 months Interest Rate11.090% Terms
Age of Vehicle2015-2018 Loan Term60 months Interest Rate11.240% Terms

Know Your Motorcycle’s Value

It’s important to know your motorcycle’s market value. Do a little research and be sure you are paying a fair price. Or, if you need to sell your old motorcycle, make sure you aren’t missing out on money in your pocket. Either way, knowing your motorcycle’s value will make you prepared to buy or sell.

Need to update your vehicle insurance? Learn more!

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Let’s Get Your Motorcycle Loan Application Started

Let us know how you are planning on purchasing or refinancing your motorcycle, so we can fine-tune our loan options to fit your needs.

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