Business Certificates of Deposit

Idaho Central Business Certificates of Deposit (CDs) pay you a fixed rate of return with a variety of terms available. They’re the perfect choice for risk-free saving and keep your business growing in the right direction.

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You want to set money aside for a specific time and earn a great rate.

Guaranteed Savings

Sometimes you just need something that’s guaranteed to help your business grow. Idaho Central Business Certificates of Deposit (CDs) can fulfill that need! Offering flexible term options and great rates, our Business Relationship Specialists are ready to help you get started.

  • Terms ranging from 90 days to 5 years
  • NCUA insured up to $250,000

Minimum Balance to Open


Renewal Grace Period

10 Days


1-time additional deposit in first 60 days

Business CDs

Term APY* Interest Rate Initial Deposit
Term6 Month Promo CD APY*5.15 Interest Rate5.15% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
Term12 Month Promo CD APY*4.85 Interest Rate4.76% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
Term18 Month Promo CD APY*4.40 Interest Rate4.33% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
Term24 Month Promo CD APY*4.15 Interest Rate4.09% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
Term60 Month Promo CD APY*3.75 Interest Rate3.70% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
Term3 Month CD APY*0.30 Interest Rate0.30% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
Term6 Month CD APY*0.45 Interest Rate0.45% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
Term1 Year CD APY*0.70 Interest Rate0.70% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
Term18 Month CD APY*0.80 Interest Rate0.80% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
Term2 Year CD APY*0.90 Interest Rate0.90% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
Term3 Year CD APY*0.95 Interest Rate0.95% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
Term4 Year CD APY*1.00 Interest Rate1.00% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
Term5 Year CD APY*1.10 Interest Rate1.10% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
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