Are you ready to make your money go even further? With Prizeout, you can browse the marketplace to shop your favorite brands and find exclusive deals on digital gift cards. What are you waiting for! Time to unlock bonus values like never before!

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Purchase Digital Gift Cards in eBranch Online Banking

Prizeout will allow you the opportunity to purchase gift cards from various merchants and receive a bonus percentage amount added on to the initial value of the gift card. This service is exclusively featured within eBranch Mobile and Online Banking.

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Offers and bonuses may vary and are subject to change without notice. Purchases may be limited based on transaction amount and volume. Must be age 13 or older to participate. See Terms and Conditions for full details.

Benefits of Prizeout

Added bonus to your digital gift cards.

Prizeout allows you to purchase digital gift cards with added bonus value directly through your account. For example, you can choose a $100 gift card to one of your favorite national or local brands offering a 25% bonus, and receive a gift card worth up to $125!

Dozens of customized offers.

View up to 50 different customized offers at a time with varying bonus value. Brands range across retail, travel, dining, and more.

Found within eBranch Mobile and Online Banking.

Prizeout will appear on your account homepage in eBranch Mobile and Online Banking and will feature a variety of brands. Click or tap the “Explore Offers” button to access the full Prizeout marketplace.

Multiple ways to access.

Gift cards are automatically sent to your email address and can also be accessed through the Prizeout Wallet in your eBranch Mobile and Online Banking. They can be redeemed in store or online utilizing the QR or barcode provided on the digital card.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prizeout?

Prizeout is a new place to get more for your money. Members can use Prizeout to purchase digital gift cards from brands they love with bonus value, utilizing their checking account funds. It’s quick, secure, and easy.

Why do I get a bonus?

Prizeout partners with brands to provide bonus value on your purchases, leading you to get more for your money. Imagine spending $100 to get $125! Just look for the green and blue tags.

Can I choose the account I want to purchase from?

Absolutely, you can determine which account funds are debited from before entering the Prizeout marketplace.

How will I receive my gift card?

Gift cards are sent to the email address registered with your banking profile. Occasionally our emails will find their way into a junk or spam folder or the promotions tab; please check there first. If you have yet to receive an email from Prizeout in your inbox, please get in touch with for immediate assistance.

How do I access the gift cards that I’ve previously purchased?

You can access your previously purchased gift cards either through the email confirmation or through your Prizeout Wallet, which is accessible in the menu of the Prizeout marketplace. In your Prizeout Wallet you’ll be able to view all your previously purchased cards in one place.

What if I my gift card was sent to an email account I can no longer access?

If you no longer have access to the email account on file, please update your email address in your banking profile. Once updated, please reach out to to confirm the change and have the previous cards sent to your new email address.

My card did not work when I attempted to use it?

You can visit the Prizeout Help Center for detailed instructions on most cards. Otherwise, please contact the Prizeout support team at Brand websites can have different methods of accepting gift cards, and the support team is happy to help if there are any issues.

Can I print my gift card?

Yes, once claimed, the digital gift card claim page can be printed. Print the claim page via desktop by going to File → Print in the upper left corner of the browser (on a Mac) or by right-clicking on the claim page (on a PC).

Can I cancel my transaction and return the funds to my account?

Typically gift cards cannot be canceled or exchanged. However, you can reach out to Prizeout support for guidance at, as we can assist with the specific card in question.

Can I exchange my gift card?

While many gift cards cannot be exchanged, you should reach out to Prizeout support for more information at

I purchased multiple gift cards but only received an email for one. Where are my other gift cards?

With certain email accounts, gift card emails can get threaded together. This can especially be an issue with Gmail accounts. Please check the inbox where the gift card was sent to see if other emails are tethered to that email. If you have confirmed this is not the issue, please contact to have the gift card resent as quickly as possible.

I lost my gift card number and/or pin. What should I do?

No problem! If you can locate the original email from when you received the gift card, click on the link to reclaim your card. If you cannot find the original email, reach out to for assistance.

Why do I see different options than other members?

Prizeout provides the best bonus offers for all users. The options may change depending on a variety of factors including previous purchase history, location, and more.

I know a business that wants to participate on Prizeout as a gift card option, how do they get in touch?

We would suggest the business reaches out to Prizeout Merchant Support for more information about onboarding and book a meeting to learn more. The Merchant Team can be reached at,

Where do I go for further assistance?

If you have a question that still needs to be answered, please visit the Prizeout Help Center at or contact a dedicated support team member at During regular business hours, Prizeout’s typical response time is within 30 minutes. Please allow extra time on nights and weekends, and please know all correspondences will be addressed as quickly as possible.

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