Business SEP IRAs

Whether it’s your own retirement or your employees, it is important to plan early and make contributions now. Simplified Employee Pension Plans (SEP IRAs), allow a simple and convenient way for small-business owners to save for retirement and receive a tax-deferred benefit. It’s time to start saving!

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You want to plan early and save for retirement.

Save Now for Retirement

If you are a small business owner with few employees or limited resources, then a Business SEP can help jumpstart your retirement saving needs. In fact, a self-employed person can easily establish a Business SEP and make contributions to his or her own IRA. SEPs are also easy to maintain unlike traditional retirement plans (401K). Contact a Business Relationship Specialist today to get started.


Self-employed or small-business owners.

Tax Benefits

SEP earnings are tax-deferred, and contributions are tax-deductible*.


SEP contributions are made by the employer.

*Consult a tax advisor

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