Business SEP IRAs

Whether it’s your own retirement or your employees, it is important to plan early and make contributions now. Simplified Employee Pension Plans (SEP IRAs), allow a simple and convenient way for small-business owners to save for retirement and receive a tax-deferred benefit. It’s time to start saving!

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You want to plan early and save for retirement.

Save Now for Retirement

If you are a small business owner with few employees or limited resources, then a Business SEP can help jumpstart your retirement saving needs. In fact, a self-employed person can easily establish a Business SEP and make contributions to his or her own IRA. SEPs are also easy to maintain unlike traditional retirement plans (401K). Contact a Business Relationship Specialist today to get started.


Self-employed or small-business owners.

Tax Benefits

SEP earnings are tax-deferred, and contributions are tax-deductible*.


SEP contributions are made by the employer.

*Consult a tax advisor

What Is a SEP IRA?

A SEP is a retirement plan through which an employer makes contributions to the IRAs of eligible employees. Unlike a regular IRA, contributions cannot be made to a SEP IRA for the prior year.  

SEP contributions do not affect the amount of regular IRA contributions that an eligible employee can make. However, participation in a SEP plan is considered active participation in a retirement plan; it may affect the owner’s ability to deduct regular IRA contributions.

SEP contributions are not reported to the IRS and do not appear on the annual report sent to the IRA owner. However, SEP contributions do become part of the Traditional IRA balance and are included in the year-end fair market value that is reported to the IRS and IRA owner.

SEP IRA Options

Pro Rata Option

This is the most common SEP plan option. With this plan all of your employees will receive the same percentage of compensation as a SEP contribution.

The maximum percentage of compensation that can be made is 25%.

Social Security Integration Option

With this option, higher paid employees receive a greater share of the SEP contributions.

There are two contribution rates. One rate for income at or below the Social Security wage base, the other rate for income above the Social Security wage base.

Under both plans, SEP contributions are made in addition to the employee’s salary, and no FICA or FUTA taxes are paid on the SEP funds.

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