Business Savings

Start saving with Idaho Central and watch your money grow while you grow your business. An Idaho Central Business Savings Account allows you to put your money to work so you have what you need now and in the future. We are on your team!

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Benefits for Better Business

  • Free Online Banking & Online eStatements

  • Free Automatic Transfers

  • NCUA Insured Up To $250,000

Find a Business Savings Account that Fits Your Business Goals

We’ll help you get there.

Business Savings Rates

Balance APY* Interest Rate
Balance0-299 APY*0.00% Interest Rate0.00% Terms
Balance300+ APY*0.15% Interest Rate0.15% Terms

Business Premium Money Market Savings Account

Balance APY* Interest Rate
Balance0-2,499 APY*0.00% Interest Rate0.00%
Balance2,500-24,999 APY*0.75% Interest Rate0.75%
Balance25,000-49,999 APY*1.10% Interest Rate1.09%
Balance50,000-99,999 APY*1.50% Interest Rate1.49%
Balance100,000-249,999 APY*1.75% Interest Rate1.74%
Balance250,000+ APY*2.10% Interest Rate2.08%
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Business CDs

Term APY* Interest Rate Initial Deposit
Term6 Month Promo CD APY*5.15 Interest Rate5.15% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
Term12 Month Promo CD APY*4.85 Interest Rate4.76% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
Term18 Month Promo CD APY*4.40 Interest Rate4.33% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
Term24 Month Promo CD APY*4.15 Interest Rate4.09% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
Term60 Month Promo CD APY*3.75 Interest Rate3.70% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
Term3 Month CD APY*0.30 Interest Rate0.30% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
Term6 Month CD APY*0.45 Interest Rate0.45% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
Term1 Year CD APY*0.70 Interest Rate0.70% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
Term18 Month CD APY*0.80 Interest Rate0.80% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
Term2 Year CD APY*0.90 Interest Rate0.90% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
Term3 Year CD APY*0.95 Interest Rate0.95% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
Term4 Year CD APY*1.00 Interest Rate1.00% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
Term5 Year CD APY*1.10 Interest Rate1.10% Initial Deposit$500 Terms
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At Idaho Central Credit Union, we provide specially designed products and services to help your business grow. This is why it’s never just business as usual with Idaho Central. It’s Business Unusual.

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