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How do businesses get involved with their communities?

July 15, 2019

ICCU Business Team Volunteering at a Food Bank

Many businesses are eager to be involved with their communities. Not only can they share more about the services and products they offer, but they also get to serve their communities as businesses.

Getting involved with your local communities is a way to support one another. It’s “a rising tide lifts all boats” concept. When businesses get involved in their communities, businesses and individuals all help each other rise.

There are many ways businesses can get involved with their communities:

Start in your own community
Many of us are involved within our own neighborhood, church community, and even some personal volunteer opportunities. Businesses can start their involvement by serving their own community. For example, Portneuf Valley Paintfest is an event where businesses and individuals spend volunteer hours painting the homes of seniors who need to have the exterior of their homes painted. Businesses can get involved in their communities by serving one another.

Just throw a party
Sometimes all you need to do is throw a party and invite the people in your community to come party with you. Who doesn’t like a fun time? Throwing a party is also a time where it’s not all business, so people can see business owners as normal human beings and build true relationships as individuals before talking business. For example, Idaho Central Credit Union’s branches offer block parties, where people can come have fun, get some yummy free food, and just enjoy our excellent services. We love to have fun! When parties are thrown, ICCU wants to be there and show our support!

Give back
Giving back is a way to show gratitude towards those that invest in you and the businesses in your communities. This year, businesses and individuals came together to support Idaho-based nonprofit organizations and raised over $1.9 million dollars with Idaho Gives. Businesses can also offer sponsorships for local events and schools. We believe in giving back and investing in our communities and future generations.

These are only a few of many ways businesses can get involved in their communities. Transfer your banking to Idaho Central today, and be a part of our Idaho community.