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How to Hire the Best Talent

September 28, 2020

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Having the best talent employed by your business is the ultimate goal of any business owner. A great and talented workforce is capable of taking your business to the next level; they can help innovate, improve culture, bring new ideas, and increase productivity. However, it’s not always easy to attract top talent. So what can you do to find the best talent for your business?

Determine Talent

The first step to hiring great talent is to determine exactly what talent your business needs. We all have different talents, and not every business needs the same talents. A healthy and good company culture can mean different things for you versus your competitors, and it’s important to determine what exactly it is that you’re looking for. While one business may value having a team of employees that have a specific set of technical skills, your business may value not only the technical skills, but interpersonal skills as well. Setting these goals and expectations will help with hiring employees accordingly. The right employees will help your business increase profit while decreasing the turnover rate since employees will be happier with the roles that best fit them.

Focus on Culture

While job responsibilities are important, the culture of the workplace is actually a big part of what makes people like or dislike their current job. A positive culture does not just mean a ping-pong table, free catered food, or performance bonus incentives. Rather, it is about promoting an uplifting culture where you celebrate each other’s success, help each other improve, and celebrate different talents. While cultural fit might sound very abstract and hard to define, cultural fit means employees’ beliefs and behaviors align with the company’s core values and culture. Simply put, it means that even though each employee may be different and bring in different values with their diverse backgrounds, they can also have similar values that add to the company culture, and show that the individual already aligns with the company’s mission.


Now that you’ve determined what type of talent you are looking for, and what type of culture you are hoping to build, let’s go over the more tactical steps of how to actually find that talent. Having a great recruiting strategy is essential for your hiring success. Your recruiting team should know exactly what you are looking for, which is why it is important for you to know exactly what you are looking for first. Though your business may not be large enough for a full in-house recruiting team, that doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself! Outsourcing your recruiting is a great option for businesses both small and large, and may be something to consider. One reason why companies outsource a portion, or all, of their recruiting is because recruiting agencies have a wide range of networks and the talents to spot talent. Recruiting agencies’ networks span nationwide and worldwide sometimes, where they might be able to help you find the right person with the right skills to fit your team.

Word of Mouth

Another way to find great talent for your business is through employee word of mouth. Great talent attracts similar people. The current employees you already have are a great resource to get the word out, which is one reason why having a great company culture is important to attracting great talent. When employees are happy where they work, they are happy to tell others what a great company they work for. Many companies also have incentive programs that help push the word-of-mouth effect, where employees might get a bonus when someone they referred is hired. This incentive encourages employees to go above and beyond and do some of your networking for you, helping find the best talent to join your team.

We know how important it is to find great talent for your business. A great and talented workforce will help your business succeed, and we hope these tips will help you find the right talent. Having the right employees on your team is just as important as having a financial partner that you can rely on. Our Business Relationship Officers and teams are ready and eager to help!