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Make Your Overdraft Work for You!

June 24, 2019

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While no one wants to find themselves caught in a situation when they need to overdraw their account, we can’t always predict or prevent it from occurring. Put yourself in a better financial situation by preparing ahead and knowing what to do in the worst case scenario.

  1. Know what bills need to be paid, and how.

What bills are coming up before you are able to make a deposit? Are they going to be coming out automatically, and what date? Can any of these be delayed? Prepare a list of all of your set monthly transactions, and what date they come out. Delay any that can be delayed (without reporting late!), and give yourself an idea of what your account balance is going to look like during this time.

  1. Set up transaction and balance alerts.

When your account balance is already low, no one wants to be surprised! Set up transaction and balance alerts on your eBranch and know exactly when a transaction is processed, and stay on top of your balance at all times.

  1. Know your options

Knowing all of your options for Overdraft Protection, notifications, and card settings can help you avoid unexpected fees. Don’t be in the dark about what your overdraft protection includes; we would be happy to go over your particular coverage and other options with you at any time in detail. Review all of your notification options, both on eBranch and Card Control, and never be blindsided by what is processing through your account. Become familiar with Card Control! Need to make sure you don’t run your card any more before you get paid? Simply turn it off, and then turn it back on at a later date.

  1. Keep in touch

At Idaho Central, we are striving for your financial success. Financial hardship is something many of us go through, and we want to be on your side through it. Our Member Assistance department is available to speak with you about any hardships you are going through, and how Idaho Central can best help you through it. Keep in contact, come up with a payment schedule to get back on track if necessary, and we are on your side!