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Supersize Your Summer Savings

July 18, 2016

Group Of Friends Jumping Over Tree Trunk On Countryside Walk

With the summer season finally here, it’s time to get the sunscreen out and barbecues ready. The hustle and bustle of summer has just begun, and unfortunately along with the high temperatures can come high costs. Luckily we have a list to help you supersize your savings this summer and avoid breaking the bank.

  1. Food

There’s no better time than summer to take advantage of the countless in-season fruit and vegetable options. Not only are fruits and vegetables cheaper in the summer, but they’re also more fresh and flavorful. Farmers markets are great places to find quality produce while still supporting the local economy. Growing your own fruits and vegetables is another great way to save money on produce, especially if you have a neighbor with a garden to trade with.

  1. Gym Memberships

If possible, put your account on hold for the summer months and take your workouts outside. You can find local hiking trails almost everywhere in Idaho, as well as bike trails, and a variety of other outdoor activities to satisfy your workout needs.

  1. Laundry

Dryers use up a lot of energy with each cycle; energy that can easily be saved. With a thin rope and a few clothespins, you can create a simple clothes hanger to dry your clothes outside and make use of the suns natural drying powers.

  1. Gardening

Consider landscaping with low maintenance plants and shrubbery to reduce water usage. Rock gardens are another great alternative for reducing water use. If your garden or landscaping does require frequent watering, do it early in the morning or later in the evening when the temperature has cooled down so the water won’t evaporate as quickly and be wasted.

  1. Transportation

There aren’t too many warm months throughout the year in Idaho, so you might as well take advantage of the nice weather while it lasts. Riding a bike instead of driving your car will help you save money over the summer months. If the distance is too far to bike, consider carpooling with friends and coworkers to split the cost of gas. Also, using apps like GasBuddy and Gas Guru can help you find the cheapest fuel in your area to help save you even more money.

  1. Air Conditioning

As nice as air conditioning may be, it’s not a necessity. There are other ways to stay cool during the summer months that’ll help you save a little more money than your A/C will help you spend. However, if you do use air conditioning throughout your home, use a programmable thermostat to avoid wasting energy. Installing ceiling fans is another great way to cool down a room and the average ceiling fan typically costs less than a penny an hour to run.