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Valentine’s Day on a Dime: Some Sweet Solutions

February 1, 2019

Women arranging red roses

Are you stressed about spending money on Valentine’s Day? It’s easy to get caught up in the hype surrounding this holiday. You don’t want that special person to think you don’t care, but you also don’t want to spend an insane amount of money on a box of chocolates that any other day of the year would cost half the price.  It doesn’t have to be so complicated; we have some tips to guide you through this overly commercialized celebration of love.

Talk to Your Valentine

Communication is the key component in all sensitive topics that come up in a relationship.  Open up those lines of communication and find out what is important to your significant other.  You don’t want to disappoint your date, but you also don’t want to blow your budget.  Decide on a budget that works for the both of you and then plan accordingly.

Go Handmade

Ditch the gourmet chocolate and make your own chocolate covered strawberries, truffles, or cookies.  Making your own goodies is probably not as hard as you may think and if you search for these online, you’ll find many easy to follow recipes.

Get out the construction paper and scissors and come up with your one-of-a-kind card.  Not only will it be less expensive, but it will be much more meaningful.

Get Creative

Opt for uncommon flowers instead of traditional roses.  You can find many other varieties for more than half of what it would cost for a dozen red roses.  Think about giving a potted plant—not only will it save money, but it is something that will last much longer.

Many restaurants have better prices earlier in the day.  If you can, schedule your dinner a little earlier and save big.  Another great option is simply cooking at home.  You can check weekly ads for discounts on seafood, special drinks and other romantic dinner essentials.

Look for ways to earn back some of that money you are shelling out. Idaho Central will be offering Rewards Cardholders 2X points from now through February 17, 2019, on health and beauty spas, florists, and restaurants when you use your ICCU Visa Rewards Card.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is really just another day. Focus on what really matters to you and your date and know that you can make that person feel special without having financial heartbreak.