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Ways to Save This Thanksgiving

November 13, 2015

Directly above view of different dishes for celebration of Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year to spend with your loved ones. But it can be easy for the Thanksgiving budget to get out of control. Here are some tips so that you don’t spend it stressing over money, but can focus on the holiday fun.

Make it a potluck dinner

Ask guests to each bring a dish; this will lessen the burden financially and will save you time. This also provides a chance for variety and to try different dishes the group may have never had. Don’t forget to be specific in the type of dish the guest should bring so that (although it may sound good in theory) you don’t end up with five pumpkin pies!

Plan ahead of time

Determine what you have at home and what you will need to buy before rushing out on the big day and paying a holiday premium. This will also enable you to take advantage of the many pre-Thanksgiving sales. In addition, you can benefit by buying in bulk for any items that are necessary to feed a large group.

Use dollar store or natural decorations

Skip the expensive premade floral bouquets and centerpieces you are tempted to buy. There are many great options on DIY decorations from your local dollar store and from right outside your door. Use pinecones or leaves you can find outside and make your own great centerpiece. If you are lacking in the creativity department, Pinterest is a great resource for things you can do with very little money.

Go homemade

Make your own pie dough, mashed potatoes and stuffing. Although it is convenient, you will pay a premium for store-bought items. Not only will you save on costs by making things from scratch, you will be helping to create amazing memories for your family of homemade dishes.

Thanksgiving should be a time to enjoy spending time with your loved ones. Keep things simple so that you spend more time worrying about your waistline, than your bottom line.