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Green Team Volunteers at Paintfest

July 12, 2018

ICCU employees standing in front of the Paintfest sign and house.

The Green Team volunteered at Portneuf Valley Paintfest as one way to give back to local Idaho communities in June. Paintfest combines community volunteers and sponsorship dollars to paint the exterior of homes for qualified senior citizens in Pocatello and Chubbuck. Founded in 1987, this program has painted over 600 homes since its inception.

After working all day, the Green Team would gather after work or on the weekend to volunteer. In one week of Paintfest, the Green Team volunteered over 650 hours by over 160 volunteers from 21 different departments and branches.

The heart of Idaho Central is in its Green Team and the causes they care about. Four Idaho Central employees currently fill four leadership positions with Paintfest, two on the board and two as team captains to coordinate painting efforts with the community.

Tyler McGary, one of the team captains, had this to say about the Green Team experience at Paintfest. “The level of support and commitment this year was amazing. At both of the houses we painted we almost had more people than we had work to do. As the Green Team continues to grow, the level of support for these events has also grown. It is amazing and heartwarming to see that that many people are willing to give up their evenings and afternoons to help with this amazing project.”

This year, Paintfest painted a total of 8 houses, and Idaho Central painted two of those homes. At one point, there were 40 people working on the same house, many gathered from different departments and branches that do not always have the chance to work closely together. A sense of unity grew among the Green Team as a feeling of appreciation grew from the homeowners. In McGary’s words, “The homeowners said there is no way they could repay for what was done, but the look of gratitude and joy on their faces as they watched the Green Team fix up their house was all the payment we needed.”

The level of commitment from the Green Team to help in the community is the reason Idaho Central Credit Union can continue to give back to the community in this way. Idaho Central is grateful for team members who care and continue to show that green really is the color of love.