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Helping Idaho Businesses with the Paycheck Protection Program

July 23, 2020

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Helping our members, including our business members, achieve financial success is our mission every day. We recognize that helping a business has far-reaching effects. When we are able to provide help, guidance, and relief to a business, we are able to help the business continue serving our communities.

Since the Paycheck Protection Program launched on April 3, Idaho Central has helped 30,000 Idahoans retain jobs by providing over 3,800 loans for a total of $164 million in relief funds. Idaho Central is proud to have helped more small businesses in Idaho than any other financial institution.

Through all of this, we haven’t forgotten the gravity of the situation for many of our members. We are reminded daily of how helping local businesses is not just helping businesses, it is helping individuals. We are happy we could support so many, and the opportunity to help keeps us motivated to provide the best experience for our members. Here are a few recent interactions that warmed our hearts as we assisted applicants through this loan.

“I wanted to thank you again for making this process so simple and pleasant.  With the money I was able to order some much needed supplies, replace broken equipment, pay my business manager and baking assistant, and just keep working! I’m so humbled and grateful to have found you all.” – Keri Lainhart, Oh, For Heaven Cakes!

“I helped a member who called in a panic to see if we are still taking SBA relief applications since she has spent most of the week calling to see if she could apply. Other institutions told her no, or not any more. When I told her we are doing our best to help but it might take a few days she started crying. I thought it was because of the delay, but she was crying of happiness.” – Idaho Central Employee

“I emailed a member on my list of leads.  It turns out it was a duplicate lead and he was unsure if he needed to send me anything.  I apologized for the extra email and let him know he was in good hands.  He could have been annoyed by the extra email, but instead this was his reply: ‘Ok great! I bet you guys are absolutely swamped! Thank you so much for making sure you don’t miss me, it is very much appreciated. I don’t know if you have anything to do with loans that ICCU is offering outside of this PPP but I would love to speak with someone about the different business loans you guys offer, or lines of credit, whenever you have time.’” – Idaho Central employee

“I had someone reach out to me in tears yesterday.  Her business of 28 years is at risk and her financial institution is no longer taking applications.  She’s not a member with us, and she said that I have been the kindest person she has reached out to in the midst of all this chaos.  After this, she will be bringing her accounts over. She thanked me for giving her a glimmer of hope and making her day a little brighter with all the darkness she’s experiencing.” – Idaho Central employee

We are committed to helping businesses through these times. We keep our website updated with information about both the Payment Protection Program, and other business relief options. To receive additional information about Idaho Central’s business services, please fill out our Business Information Request form. If you have any questions or would like to explore any options as a business or individual, please reach out to us.