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Helping Members with Adoption

July 23, 2015

couple with baby

Recently a young couple visited with Idaho Central team member, Chris because they needed a line of credit to pay for adopting a baby. Chris could tell how excited they were and was eager to help. After discussing the details, Chris discovered they did not have enough lendable equity, but this didn’t stop him. He explored additional collateral but unfortunately ran into another dead end. However, when he asked if either of their parents would be willing to be guarantors on a loan, the answer was a resounding ‘yes’ and the couple was thrilled!

A few months passed, and the couple called to say they were leaving later that day to fly across the country to pick up their baby.  They told Chris they needed to have the money wired by the following morning to finalize the adoption, so he quickly jumped into action. While on their way to get their baby, the couple was able to remotely sign their loan documents. Chris waited until 7pm that evening for their father to get home from work so he could take the documents over to the parents’ house to get them signed. Afterwards, at 9pm, he rushed back to the branch so he could fund the loan as soon as possible. The next morning the wire transfer went out just in time. The couple was thrilled and overwhelmed. They called Chris and expressed how thankful they were to him and to ICCU for helping them achieve their dream of adopting a baby!