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Making a Difference for a Member’s Daughter

December 10, 2015

photo of feet in wheelchair

An Idaho Central team member was recently talking with his neighbor when in the conversation, the neighbor expressed how impressed he was with ICCU. The neighbor told the team member about his experience from the Family Fun Day at OK Ward Park in Pocatello. He said he had banked at another credit union for over 40 years and had never received service like he did from ICCU at that event.

He explained that one of his daughters has a severe disability and is confined to a wheelchair. While at the event, their family was walking by the Idaho Central booth and his daughter became really excited when she saw the Money Machine. He asked the ICCU employees what they needed to do to get inside and they explained that it was for new members when they open a membership. He decided to open a new account and asked if there was a way his daughter could get in for him. The ICCU staff said that would be no problem at all and even though the wheelchair would not fit inside, they were able to wheel her chair over to the Money Machine and hold the door closed around her arm while she grabbed money as it passed by her hand. As he told his story, with tears in his eyes, he said “I don’t know if they realize how much that meant to me as her father, but I am extremely grateful for what they did. They could have easily said they couldn’t do that as it was my new account. It was my daughter’s favorite stop of the day.” He went on to note that while he hasn’t closed his accounts with his other credit union, he will always keep his new account open at Idaho Central for the service they received that day.