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Member Steps up In Time of Need

January 29, 2016

Customer Giving Donation to Teller

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns that affect our lives in ways we never could’ve imagined, it’s easy to feel like you’re stuck battling your problems on your own. We don’t ever want our members to feel isolated with their financial problems and are always here to help where we can. As it turns out, our amazing members are also willing to step up in times of need.

One afternoon, an Idaho Central member came into a local branch to set up new accounts for her grandkids. Upon arriving, the assisting teller noticed a bit of agitation in the member’s voice so she began by asking the member how her day was going. She responded by explaining to the teller how she was having difficulties getting benefits set up for her four grandkids. Her son had recently passed away and she had become the primary caregiver for her grandchildren. Although taking in her grandkids put a strain on her financially, she made it clear that she did not regret taking care of them even the slightest bit even though her income went from supporting one person to supporting five. As she was talking, another one of our members was sitting nearby and overheard the conversation taking place. She was so moved by the story that she wanted to help. When the grandmother left, the member mentioned to the teller that she had recently sold her house and was in a position to help. In an act of kindness and generosity, the member deposited $500 of her own money into this grandmother’s account. She was so touched by the member’s story and love for her grandkids that she could not leave without helping.