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How to Avoid Scams this Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a time for friends, family, food, festivities and unfortunately, fraud. Scammers ramp up their scheming during the winter months to seemingly “meet the needs” of people hoping to earn extra Christmas cash or score on great deals! Arming yourself with knowledge of the most common types of scams is theRead more

Staying Safe in a Cyber World

Since 2003, October has been known as Cybersecurity Awareness month and is dedicated to ensuring that individuals stay safe and secure online. Technology moves fast, and scams are constantly evolving to keep people from catching on. In a world that relies heavily on technology, avoiding scams can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task. However, youRead more

Spotting a Scam

When it comes to cyber security, we all want to believe that we are able to spot a scam when we are targeted. The reality is that anyone can fall prey to a phishing attempt. Fraudsters are always evolving and constantly developing new ways to deceive us. We know to avoid those emails from theRead more