Business Microloans

Don’t let the word “micro” fool you. Idaho Central Business Microloans can have a BIG impact on your business. From no credit, or limited credit, a Microloan can take you and your business to the financial success you’ve been hoping for. You can do this!

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Your business has smaller lending needs but limited or no credit.

Smaller Needs, BIG Results

Not every lending need has to be big. That’s why we created Business Microloans. Choose from a variety of options with fixed or variable rates that best fit your business needs. Plus, you’ll be building credit along the way making your business stronger for the future. Contact a Business Lending Specialist today to get started.

Business Microloan Benefits

  • Term loan, line of credit, and Visa options
  • Flexible loan terms available
  • Variable- or fixed-rate loans
  • Manage short-term cash needs
  • Builds credit

Welcome to Business Unusual

At Idaho Central Credit Union, we provide specially designed products and services to help your business grow. This is why it’s never just business as usual with Idaho Central. It’s Business Unusual.

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