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Headquartered in Chubbuck, Idaho

Idaho Central is the premier credit union in Idaho and offers 33 full-service locations throughout the Treasure Valley, Magic Valley, Eastern Idaho, and North Idaho. We continue to look for expansion opportunities in order to meet the needs of our members. While growth is vital to our success, we remain focused on our mission, Helping Members Achieve Financial Success, by providing exceptional service and diverse products to our membership.

At first glance, one might think that Idaho Central Credit Union is like any other financial institution. However, many Idahoans like you know better.

Here are some of the things Idaho Central members enjoy:

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Idaho Central has been helping members like you achieve financial success for over 77 years.

Idaho Central Credit Union was organized as a state-chartered credit union on June 28, 1940, in Boise, Idaho, to serve the financial needs of the officers of other credit unions operating in the State of Idaho. At that time, officers could not belong to the credit union where they worked. On January 31, 1941, the Credit Union reported $298.93 in assets at year end and had 22 members.

Idaho Central reached $100 million in assets in 1997, and $500 million nine years later in 2006. By 2012, the Credit Union was over $1 billion in asset size, and in 2015 broke the $2 billion mark. Idaho Central serves the needs of over 255,000 employees, students, retirees, and family members of eligible members of a large variety of business entities within most Idaho counties.