Card Fraud Monitoring

We are proud to provide our members card fraud monitoring. Our card monitoring system uses advanced technology to monitor real-time, incoming credit and debit card transactions for potential fraud. Idaho Central also has specific fraud strategies in place to monitor or decline risky transactions. These strategies are constantly changing based on various emerging fraud trends. To put it simply… we’ve got your back!

Women putting a debit card back in her wallet

Protecting Your Daily Balance

If your card is detected with potential fraud, you may receive an alert between 8:00am and 9:00pm (MT) via one or more of the following:

  • A text message verifying authorization of transactions by replying YES or NO.
  • An email from or verifying authorization of transactions. You’ll be asked to click either “All Transaction(s) Authorized” or “One or More Transaction(s) NOT Authorized.”
  • A phone call by an automated or card member security representative.

If you have any questions about an alert you received or what ICCU does to protect you and your debit/credit card from fraud, please contact us or visit our Security Center.

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