Checks & Money Orders

Idaho Central Credit Union is proud to offer a variety of checks and money orders as part of our comprehensive list of financial services. Whether you're paying bills, sending money to loved ones, or making a purchase, our check and money order services can provide an excellent solution.

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Types of Checks and Money Orders

Stop by an ICCU branch and we will be happy to help with any check or money order needs.

Money Orders

$2.50 Fee

Money orders are certificates that a payee can exchange for cash. They are excellent for transactions under $1,000. Maybe you need to pay a bill, make a purchase, or give the gift of money.

Cashier’s Check

$4.00 Fee

Cashier checks are good for large purchases, like buying a car. They are more secure than personal checks because they are considered guaranteed funds and they don’t show your account number.

Payoff Checks

No Fee

Payoff checks are used for paying off the remaining balance on a loan. These are guaranteed funds and can be payable to a specific payee such as a financial institution or dealership.

Official Checks

No Fee

Official checks are good for large transactions such as closing accounts or funding loans. These are also considered guaranteed funds because they use immediate funds from your account.

Additional Resources

Stop a Check Payment

To stop a check payment or money order, follow this step-by-step guide.

Order Checks

You can reorder personal checks through your eBranch or at a local branch.

Other Ways to Send Money

Looking for other ways to send money? Try Zelle® or a money transfer.

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