Safe Deposit Boxes

Do you have valuables you need to keep extra safe and protected? Well, a Safe Deposit Box at Idaho Central Credit Union is a secure and convenient option. With a variety of Safe Deposit Box sizes and local branch locations, we can keep your valuables locked up and secure for when you need them.

Someone putting a key in a safe deposit box

Keep Your Valuables Safe

A Safe Deposit Box at Idaho Central is a great place to store such items as birth certificates, property records, titles, jewelry, or even family heirlooms that money just can’t replace. Contact us for more information about the different fees and availability at a branch near you.

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Safe Deposit Boxes Available at Most Locations

With many of our branches located throughout Idaho, and Washington we are always ready to help keep your valuables secured. Come in and see us at your nearest branch and let us get you set up with a Safe Deposit Box today. Just another way we are looking after your daily balance.

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