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Resume Tips for Your Idaho Central Job Application

June 11, 2021

What is the fastest way to stand out as a strong candidate for the job you’ve set your sites on? An impressive resume! Your resume is the first impression that employers have when deciding to take the next step in the interview process.

Creating a resume that stands out to potential employers can seem like a daunting task. Not to worry! With these simple tips, your resume will stand out and help the Recruiting team at ICCU understand everything they need to know about you.

Less is More

The first important tip for resume building is to remember that less is more! Job hunting can be stressful and time consuming, so there’s no need to waste energy on components that recruiters don’t focus on. The good news is that Idaho Central Credit Union does not require a cover letter for applications. Applicants will often include a blanket cover letter for all the jobs they are applying for, so our recruiters don’t put too much weight on something so generic.

While a cover letter isn’t required, we do suggest that you keep your resume to one page. When a particular position has a large applicant pool, our recruiters want to see all of the pertinent information listed on a neat and concise one-page outline. Make sure to have the most recent and relevant work experience listed first, with a description of job duties. Our team likes to see if the short snapshot of a current or previous position aligns with the job description of the position you’re applying for.

While one page is the recommendation, your resume should consist of meaningful information and have minimal blank space. Activities, clubs, and volunteer work is appropriate to include on a resume, especially if you’re new to the workforce or have limited experience.


Many times, applicants will list their references right on their resumes. During the application process for Idaho Central, however, there will be a separate field asking for your references. Our recruiters would like to see the space that may have been used for references utilized to tell us more about you!

Once you have gotten to the section where references are submitted, make sure to list individuals who have experience with you professionally. Family members and friends are not appropriate people to list when an employer is trying to get a sense of someone’s experience in a work setting.


When skimming through multiple resumes, our recruiters want to see what makes you unique in an easy-to-read format. They’re skilled in matching the information on a resume to a specific job type, but they don’t want to have to go searching for the required education or experience.

A neat structure with applicable information goes a long way in getting our Recruiting team to notice an applicant. These simple tips will help you stand out:

  • Be consistent with simple headings and subheadings.
  • Use a readable font with a size of 10-12 points.
  • Make sure your contact information is accurate.
  • Have your listed email address something appropriate.
  • Colors and pictures aren’t a necessity

While flashy colors and bright pictures may be fun to add to your resume, Idaho Central recruiters just want to understand the information as effortlessly as possible!

Idaho Central Credit Union was voted the #1 Best Place to Work in Idaho and new job positions are always being posted around the state. Use these tips and click here to see if there is job description that aligns with your interests today!