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Tips and Tricks to Help You Nail Your ICCU Interview

November 12, 2021

Two men in job interview.

Idaho Central Credit Union is honored to have been named the #1 Best Place to Work in Idaho! We take pride in having a world-class team that makes a difference. While we are one of the top performing credit unions in the nation, we also prioritize our culture internally and take pride in taking care of our team members. We want to hire the best people we can to join our Green Team family! With these interview tips, you can learn how to put your strengths on display and make a good impression to the ICCU Recruiting Team.

Professional dress. Dressing in business professional attire is a safe bet for making a good first impression, regardless of the position you’ve applied for. Being dressed appropriately so that you feel confident and don’t have to fidget or mess with your outfit, will allow you to focus on the interview. Also, in today’s constantly changing environment, be aware of COVID restrictions. If the interview is being held online, still make sure to be dressed properly. If it is being held in person, your attire may need to include a mask. Be aware that a handshake or physical contact may not be appropriate.

Show up early. Interviewers like to see an individual who is applying for a job show up 10-15 minutes early. Being prompt and prepared is always a good sign of someone who actually wants to be there! If for any reason you are going to be late or unable to attend the interview, make sure to give the interviewer as much notice as possible. At ICCU, we have many locations, so make sure to check which physical location your interview will be held at and give yourself plenty of time to make it to the correct place.

Professional portfolio. Idaho Central’s job application process includes filling out a resume and including references, so there is no need to bring those to the interview. However, depending on the type of position you are applying for, you may want to bring examples of your work. A professional portfolio, relevant recommendation letters, or certain projects can give the interviewer helpful insight into your previous employment or experience.

Come prepared to talk about yourself! Our Recruiting Team wants to know about you and why you would be a good fit for the Green Team. Make sure to read the job description thoroughly before attending the interview. We have many different types of positions at ICCU, and we want to know how you, your goals, and your experience align with what we are looking for. We also want to know how ICCU can play a part in reaching your career objectives, so we encourage applicants to come with a list of questions about the job, the department, and the Credit Union. Recruiters are impressed when an applicant has done their homework before the interview and has taken an interest in ICCU. If you have made it to the interview, it means our recruiters have looked over your online application and have already taken an interest in you as well!

Lastly, come with a good attitude. We hope if you have had any personal experience with Idaho Central, that it has been with positive, upbeat team members. We take pride in having an optimistic outlook and want to find applicants who can match our energy!

After the interview, our recruiters would appreciate 5-7 business days to reach out to you one way or the other. Our Recruiting Team will contact you via email or phone call offering you the position or to let you know that we have decided to move forward with another applicant. Sometimes the email may be marked as spam or junk, so make sure to check all available folders.

Idaho Central is skilled at matching your talents, experience, and education with the hiring criteria of a certain position. We have locations throughout the Treasure Valley, Magic Valley, Eastern Idaho, and North Idaho with growth into Washington and Oregon, and are always looking to expand our team with motivated individuals. Check out our available career opportunities and let us show you why ICCU has been recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in Idaho for ten years in a row!