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How to Request an Idaho Central Sponsorship or Donation

March 14, 2018

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Idaho Central Credit Union is committed to giving back to the communities we serve to help make them a better place to live and work through sponsorships and donations. If you have ever wondered how to get Idaho Central to sponsor one of your causes, this may answer some of your questions.

To request a sponsorship or donation, fill out our online Community Involvement Request Form.

Do all requests need to be submitted through the online form?

Yes, for tracking purposes, all requests must be submitted through the online Community Involvement Request Form. We use these forms to track the number and nature of requests that we receive.

When are requests reviewed?

Requests are reviewed twice per month. It may take up to 30 days before a final decision is made. Extenuating circumstances, such as scheduling and holidays, may cause a decision to be delayed.

How are requests reviewed?

Requests are reviewed based on their compatibility with Idaho Central’s mission, current budget standing, and team member involvement.

If you are aware of any Idaho Central employees who are involved with your cause/organization, please let us know in the “Referred by” section of the form. If no one referred you to Idaho Central, just note Not Applicable.

When will I hear back?

It can take up to 30 days or more to hear back. For this reason, we recommend turning in your requests well in advance.

In the section “MM/DD/YY”, put the date of your event or when the funds are needed.

How will I hear back?

All requests, whether granted or not, will receive a response by email that says if the request was granted or not.

If approved, the requestor will receive email notification with further instructions, if necessary.

If denied, the requestor will receive email notification outlining why their request was denied.

What do we sponsor?

We sponsor a variety of nonprofits and events across Idaho that support youth, economic development, education, health, and much more!

In the section “Amount of Item Requested”, tell us EXACTLY what you want. If it’s a dollar amount, be SPECIFIC. If it is volunteers or swag items, let us know the number of items or people you are looking for. Other examples of requests are raffle baskets, golf hole sponsorships, or table sponsorships.

The section “Purpose of Request” intentionally limits the word count. Be intentional and selective to share the most important points we should know.

On the form, you will have the chance to tell us what recognition we will get for our sponsorship. This could be a range of things, including our logo on programs/shirts, booth presence (may include Money Machine or Green Machine), name mention from microphone, speaking time, social media mentions, press release mentions, radio or television mentions, and other opportunities.

How often can I submit a request?

There is no limit on the amount of requests a person can submit. Past giving can factor into a decision.

What is the likelihood that my cause will be funded?

We love to see the causes that our members are passionate about. Not all requests can be approved or fully approved. See “How are requests reviewed?” to view the factors we look at when reviewing requests. Every request is fully examined, so go ahead and submit and you will hear back either way.

Thank you for thinking of Idaho Central Credit Union. We do all that we can to build our communities in Idaho.