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ICCU Donating $75,000 to Celebrate 75th Birthday

March 6, 2015

Learning Lab Donation Photo

Idaho Central Credit Union has a long tradition of being a good neighbor.  We take our responsibility to our community very seriously.  Providing assistance to local schools, charities and organizations through financial donations and volunteer work is a top priority for us.

Idaho Central team members have walked miles to fight cancer, painted homes for those in our communities, sponsored events across the state, fed those in need and collected toys and blankets for children during the holidays.

This year is going to be a particularly special service year for all of us at ICCU.  On June 28, 2015, Idaho Central Credit Union will turn 75 years old! As part of our birthday celebration, we have chosen to donate $1,000 to 75 nonprofit organizations across the state of Idaho during the course of 2015!

Our first donation of the year went to the Learning Lab.  This great organization is a computer-assisted learning center for adults and families with children ages 6 and under. At the Learning Lab, students receive basic skills instruction including mathematics, reading, writing, spelling, GED preparation and workplace skills in a comfortable, confidential environment.

If you have an organization you would like considered for one of the 75 donations, please visit us HERE and complete our Community Involvement Request Form.

Make sure to check back for updates on our 75 donations throughout the year!