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October 13, 2018

ICCU Team Members Volunteering Making Fences at the Zoo|Idaho Central team members presenting a check to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Idaho Central provides financial services to many individuals and businesses throughout Idaho. We value every member and the important role they play in our community and economy. At Idaho Central, we understand the importance of our Hispanic population and make an effort to provide them the financial services they need. As we wrap up Hispanic Heritage Month, we wanted to share ways we serve the Hispanic population.



Not all Hispanic members prefer services in Spanish, but many do, and those that do, have that option at Idaho Central. Many members of the Green Team are fluent in Spanish. These team members may be reached through multiple channels including in branches, by phone, and through online chat services at We provide materials in Spanish and launched our Spanish website earlier this year. We even have an internal certification employees must pass before they are designated as Spanish-speaking. This certification includes mastery of vocabulary, terms, and requirements specific to financial services we offer. Of course, all of our Spanish-speaking employees can provide services in both English and Spanish.  They are that good!


Financial Services

Idaho Central is unique because we can open accounts and give loans with an ITIN, or Individual Tax Identification Number. Even if someone does not have a Social Security Number, if they pay taxes on their income, they have an ITIN number that qualifies them for membership. We also specialize in providing assistance for people to build credit. Some loans can be given on ITINs, and though the down payment or other requirements may be different, it is still a possibility that may not have been opened up otherwise.


Community Involvement

As always, you can find our logo, sponsorship, and the Green Machine associated with many Hispanic events in the community. Follow our social media linked in our website footer to hear about more ways we serve our Idaho community.