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All You Need to Know About Tap-and-Go Cards

November 9, 2020

Paying with a Tap and Go card|

As Tap-and-Go cards become more and more popular, especially in today’s environment, questions arise about where these cards are accepted as well as the safety and security of contactless transactions.  We would like to provide some more information on what you need to know about these cards.

Are Tap-and-Go cards safe?

Contactless cards have the same level of security as EMV chip cards. During transactions, rather than sending your actual card number through the network, Tap-and-Go cards generate a one-time code, which changes with every transaction.  This code protects your actual card information because even if a fraudster were able to access this code, they would not be able to use it.  However, while Tap-and-Go cards are a lot safer than magnetic strips, it does not mean fraud is nonexistent. Tap-and-Go cards provide another level of security, but fraudsters are ever evolving their strategies to gain access to member information, and we still need to be careful and aware of fraud. At Idaho Central, our CardControl app can help you monitor card transactions. When a suspicious charge occurs, you can turn off your card immediately, stopping any future transactions, providing time and peace of mind. With Tap-and-Go cards and Idaho Central’s CardControl app, you can be more secure than ever.

Why would I want a Tap-and-Go card?

While the Tap-and-Go cards are as secure as EMV cards, one of the most popular reasons to use a Tap-and-Go card is convenience. Once the device is ready to take your payment, all you need to do is bring your card within a few inches of the sensor, and the transaction will be processed.  Additionally, the use of Tap-and-Go cards allow you to maintain a safe distance from the person facilitating the transaction.

Where can I use it?

Merchants that accept contactless cards have a contactless symbol on their checkout terminal. More and more stores are implementing a variety of ways to pay, not only to help their customers have safer transactions, but also for the convenience. A wide variety of national retailers accept Tap-and-Go cards.

Do I have a Tap-and-Go card?

Cards enabled with contactless technology have the Tap-and-Go symbol  on the card. At Idaho Central Credit Union, all newly issued cards feature an EMV chip as well as Tap-and-Go technology. If you are an ICCU member and would like a Tap-and-Go card now, please contact us to request one.

For more information about our Tap-and-Go cards, please click here to learn how we provide you with fast, easy, and secure payment options.