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Christmas Shopping Saving Tips

December 2, 2016

Family buying Christmas gifts in a shopping mall

Christmas can be a financially stressful time of year, but by following a few tips, you can still spread the holiday cheer without totally busting your budget.

Set Goals Early

We recommend to start saving early in the year with our Choice Savings Account. A Choice Savings account is designed to allow members to save for a specific purpose and earn a higher interest rate. Set up an automatic transfer to make saving even easier.

Don’t Let Your Change Go To Waste

Using our Central Cents Savings Account is a great way to save money while using your debit card on holiday shopping. This account is great for those on the go and for those who find it hard to save. When members enroll in the Central Cents Savings program their Visa debit card transactions are rounded up to the next whole dollar amount and transferred to their Central Cents Savings account. For example, if you’re purchasing a gift worth $25.14 it will be rounded up to $26.00 even with the difference of $0.86 going to the Central Cents Savings account.

Reward Yourself

If you’re going to be spending money on presents you might as well get rewarded for it! Using our Visa Rewards card you can earn 1 point for every dollar spent, and 2 points for every dollar spent using our Visa Premier Rewards card. Points expire after 3 years, and can either be redeemed for cash or used on any of the items posted on our rewards page (Visa Rewards). Reward cards can be issued instantly and added to your mobile wallet for simplified tracking. There is no fee to participate in the rewards program, but other fees such as late fees and over limit fees will still apply.

Automate to Innovate

There are many apps out there that you can use to save money on online purchases by automatically finding the best deals. You can do a quick search on your mobile device’s app store to find these helpful shopping apps and download them onto your device. When you are shopping, click on the app to view all available sales and coupon codes. Some of these apps allow you to look for savings once you are ready to checkout to find and apply the best coupon or coupons for your purchase. If you’re one of the people who does most of their Christmas shopping online, these are great tools for you to use.