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Maximize Your Holiday Shopping Savings

December 15, 2020

Young couple shopping on Black Friday.

As the holiday shopping continues, amazing deals are all around us. Without a good game plan, however, you could be missing out on making the most of your holiday savings.

Come up with a strategy

Plan out your purchases before you start shopping. It’s easy to get carried away in the frenzy of low prices. Deciding what you want ahead of time will save you from impulse buying. Check out the store’s ads and come up with a list of the items you want to purchase.  Make sure to look at the fine print, many deeply discounted items are only available “in-store.”

Know your purchases

Just because something is discounted, doesn’t mean it’s actually a good deal.  Many retailers will hike prices up and then mark them down.  Do some research on the items you want to buy so you know what your items are actually worth.  Right now fall apparel, small electronics, and small kitchen appliances are greatly discounted.  Wait until the holidays are over to find great deals on items like holiday décor and winter apparel.

Utilize apps

There are many apps out there that can do your leg work for you. Check out apps like Slickdeals, Ebates, Flipp and Shopkick. From finding and notifying you of the best deals on the items you are looking for, to rewarding you with free gift cards or cash back, these apps may definitely be worth downloading.

Shop with your rewards cards

Take advantage of rewards cards and earn money while you shop.  During the holidays many rewards cards offer some great incentives.  Idaho Central Rewards cardholders can enjoy 3% cash back on purchases with their Premier Rewards Visa through December 25, 2020!