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Reduce Employee Cell Costs

April 15, 2018

Woman employee talking on her cell phone outside with a headset.

In most business settings, there’s really no way around the fact that your employees are going to need a cell phone.  Many companies will either provide company-issued phones, or provide a stipend for cell phone expenses.  In many cases it can be easier to provide an employee with a device.  Not only will you have a better understanding of exactly what you are paying for, your IT team will likely appreciate having more control over devices.

How to Reduce Costs

  1. Block certain features on your employee’s business mobile phones. For instance, 411 calls can be blocked to reduce charges. Also, if you want your employees to only use voice and text features you can block internet access or greatly restrict the amount of data available.
  2. Shop around for the best rates. If you find a better rate with a different carrier, call up your current provider with the quote you received, many times they will price match their competitors.
  3. A pay as you go plan might work best for you and your employees. When you are looking, make sure to find one that allows you to roll-over ​unused minutes from month to month.
  4. If you are paying for data, encourage your employees to keep a close eye on their data and to use wifi whenever possible. Incentivize your employees with a fun bonus if they don’t go over their limits.
  5. Use a rewards credit card to receive money back on what you are going to spend regardless. At Idaho Central Credit Union, you can earn DOUBLE points all year long when you pay your cell phone carrier with your Business Rewards or Business Premier Rewards Card. Make it easy, set up Auto Pay!