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Youth Savings & Checking Accounts

September 9, 2018

Kid holding a green piggy bank.

Youth savings and checking accounts are an important start to your financial success. Do you remember your first account? Here are some updates on our accounts.

Account Age
Share Bear Savings 0-11
Starter Savings 12-17
Starter Checking 12-17
Share Savings 18+
Free Checking 18+

What changed?

Central Explorer and New Generation accounts no longer exist. If you had one of these accounts, you will be transitioned to the current account for your age after receiving a 30-day notice. These new accounts are simpler and more beneficial for our members.

Starter Checking is available at 12 years old. We see more and more youth opening checking accounts and starting young with a job and learning about responsible saving and spending.

Starter Savings members can enter to win a quarterly prize for every “A” they receive on a report card (report card with 3 As = 3 entries) or every deposit of $10 or more they make (one deposit of $50 = one entry). Every quarter, EVERY BRANCH will now have a winner! The winners will receive $50 to go in their savings account or to purchase something they’ve been saving for. If you win, we will take your picture with a giant $50 bill!

Have any questions? You can read more on our website about Youth Accounts, Savings Accounts, and Checking Accounts. Or you can visit a branch near you.