Foreign Currency Exchange

Perhaps you are planning an awesome vacation or just got back from one. Either way, Idaho Central can help with buying or selling foreign currency. Simply visit a local ICCU branch or buy foreign currency by clicking below. Let’s get started!

Multi-colored currencies from across different nations fanned out in one hand.

Buying Foreign Currency

Idaho Central has partnered with Currency Exchange International to provide a simple and convenient way for ICCU members to buy foreign currency. With a low shipping fee of $20 per purchase, you’ll receive currency within one business day from when the order is shipped.

Selling Foreign Currency

Did you just get back from a trip and have foreign currency left over? As an Idaho Central member, you can visit a local ICCU branch and sell back foreign bills. The process is easy and only has a $10 transaction fee. While using this service, keep in mind, we are unable to accept foreign coins for currency exchange. We exclusively handle foreign bills for all transactions. Come visit us and we’ll take care of you.

Become a Member

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