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Helping Businesses Thrive Through Excellent Services

September 3, 2019

Businessman working on a laptop.

At Idaho Central Credit Union, we help Idaho businesses thrive by providing excellent banking services that help you focus on your business. Today, we want to introduce you to some of these online services.

Online Account Access
ICCU’s Business Online Banking lets you check your account balances 24/7. Whether you are in the office, or on the go, you can check your accounts online or on the ICCU mobile app. Check your accounts anytime, anywhere, as often as you wish.

Online Transfers
Say no more! Idaho Central lets you make transfers online. You can even add external accounts. You don’t have to call or go into a branch to transfer funds. You can transfer funds online between your internal and external accounts.

Mobile Deposit
Idaho Central’s Mobile Deposit Service allows businesses to deposit a check right from their office without going to a branch. Open Idaho Central’s mobile app and start depositing by taking a picture of the front and back of your check.

Remote Deposit Capture
Remote Deposit Capture is a service that lets you scan and deposit checks from your computer in your office. Using a Remote Deposit Capture scanner, you can batch your deposits as often as you’d like. It’s an excellent service for businesses that process a larger amount of checks each day, or that simply want the convenience of depositing checks at their office. Idaho Central offers same day credit to businesses if checks are deposited before 5:30pm Mountain Time.

Business Bill Payment
Business Bill Payment is very similar to making a business online transfer. We offer business bill pay where businesses can pay multiple invoices with one bill payment. Or, simply enjoy the convenience of making payments online.

Preferred Pay
Preferred Pay allows businesses to do payroll direct deposits, recurring disbursements, or collection of accounts receivable. Many small businesses enjoy the freedom to be able to make direct deposits online, and save on using external Human Resources services.

Online Wire Transfer
Idaho Central’s Business Online Banking offers domestic wire transfers. Businesses can access their money and wire them anywhere within the United States. This gives you the convenience of not needing to go to a branch just for a simple wire.

Idaho Central Credit Union offers some of the best products to provide businesses with financial security and convenience. Contact one of our Business Relationship Officers today to learn more!