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Winter Break on a Budget

September 21, 2017

Woman traveling at train station.

Just thinking about how expensive traveling during the winter is can cause anxiety for many.  However, there is no denying it, winter travel is a great excuse to take advantage of your school break or plan a vacation from work and the cold!

One of the keys to scoring winter travel deals and to plan an inexpensive getaway is to start planning now.

Figure out where you want to go within your budget

Do you want to get away to a warm beach or hit the slopes in a cool location? Look around at as many options as you can and get a feel for the price point of each. Think about what you are willing to budge on to bring down the price. Many times it will be cheaper to forgo that beach for a nice pool. Also, don’t just look at prices of lodging, but make sure to check out the average price of an airline ticket or how much it will cost in gas to get there.

Look into vacation rentals and bring your friends

Vacation rentals are a great alternative to the typical hotel. They can save you a ton on fees and surcharges. However, vacation rentals can book up fast. Plan early to be able to get the best rental at the best rate. These rentals are also a wonderful choice if you are traveling with a bigger group.  The more rooms a vacation rental has, typically the less per room you are paying.  Find a fun group of people to plan with or bring along some family members to bring down the price.

Start pricing tickets as soon as possible

Airline tickets can vary greatly day-to-day.  Start watching the prices on tickets you need to take advantage of the best price out there.  There are many apps and websites out there that can help.  Google Flights is a prime example of one that can really help you save. Sign up for real-time alerts so you can see prices rise and fall and know when you should jump in and buy.