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How CardControl Keeps Your Business Secure

Woman shopping online using her debt card.

If you are a small business owner with employees, chances are, this is a question you’ve been faced with. Protecting company assets, while maintaining good operating practices, is a huge challenge for almost all business owners.  If managed correctly, this practice can be very helpful.

Protect Your Small Business from Scams


As business deals increasingly move into the electronic realm, it becomes critically important to be aware of new threats to your business. People committing fraud are creative, and new scams are introduced daily.

Making the Most of Your Business Credit Card

Woman at laptop with credit card

So you have reached the point in your business where you are ready to take the next big step and get a credit card. This is an exciting time, you’re ready to up-level your business and make big money moves like never before! It can also be a worrying time, how can you be sureRead more

5 Ways to Make Your Meetings More Effective in 2021

Business people looking at documents

You know the feeling. You walk out of an hour-long meeting shaking your head and thinking to yourself “this should have been an email.” Luckily, there are ways to prevent meetings like this. Check out these tips for ways to get your meetings on track.

Supporting Idaho Businesses with the Second Round of the Paycheck Protection Program

Woman talking on the phone in green shirt

Helping our members, including our business members, achieve financial success is our mission every day. We recognize that helping a business has far-reaching effects. When we are able to provide help, guidance, and relief to a business, we are able to help the business continue serving our communities. When the first round of the PaycheckRead more

Why Customer Service is Important for Your Business

Woman providing customer service

Though it may seem hard to track the actual benefit of customer service, excellent customer service has actually been proven to benefit not only the customers, but also the businesses in many ways. Here are five reasons why customer service should be important to your business. Increase Revenue A common myth is that increasing yourRead more

How to Hire the Best Talent

Two women sitting in conference room

Having the best talent employed by your business is the ultimate goal of any business owner. A great and talented workforce is capable of taking your business to the next level; they can help innovate, improve culture, bring new ideas, and increase productivity. However, it’s not always easy to attract top talent. So what canRead more