Online Privacy Policy

Revised: July 28, 2023

At Idaho Central Credit Union (“We”, “Us”, or “Our”), we believe you are our most important asset. We have taken reasonable steps to ensure that the information we have about you is accurate, complete, and timely for the purpose for which it is to be used by us. We work very hard to earn and maintain your trust. To do that, we believe that it is absolutely vital that we protect your privacy by keeping your information secure and confidential. While many financial institutions sell account holder information as a part of their business strategy, we have not and will not follow that same practice.

We have policies and procedures in place to protect the privacy of your personal and financial information. We restrict access to information about you to only our employees and affiliated and non-affiliated service providers to the extent permitted by law and to the extent necessary for us to carry out our business purposes. This enables us to provide and offer products and services to you, service your accounts, and administer our business. We also maintain other physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that meet or exceed all federal regulations to protect your personal and account information, which are applied equally to current and former members.

This Online Privacy Statement is incorporated into our Account Agreement and our Online Terms and ConditionsSee our Privacy Policy.

Our site makes use of a feature of your web browser called “cookies”. A cookie does not personally identify you. A cookie is used to customize your site experience. Additionally, we collect aggregate information about the use of our site that does not personally identify you.

We partner with Google Analytics, Google Maps, Microsoft Clarity, Microsoft Advertising, and other third-party services to capture how you use and interact with our website through behavioral metrics, heatmaps, and session replay to improve and market our products/services. Website usage data is captured using first and third-party cookies and other tracking technologies to determine the popularity of products/services and online activity. Additionally, we use this information for site optimization, fraud/security purposes, and advertising. For more information see Google Privacy and Terms, Microsoft Privacy Statement, and our Third-Party Websites Statement.

You communicate with our site by using your computer’s web browser. Your web browser may need to be updated periodically for continued use of our site.

Some areas of our website are secured in order to protect your personal information. We support browsers that use Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”) technology. SSL is intended to help ensure that:

  • The information you send us will not be read by others, and
  • You are in fact dealing with ICCU, instead of a site impersonating us.

Your information reaches us through SSL to help protect the contents of the message from eavesdropping.

Links to Other Sites

This site contains links to other sites. Some of the links from our site will take you off the site to a third-party or co-branded site where you may see the ICCU logo as well as the logo of another service provider. Third-party and co-branded sites include, but are not limited to: ADP, American Express, Annual Credit Report, CO-OP Network, Credit Union Auctions, Diebold, FTC Publications, Fuel Economy, Genworth Financial, Google Maps, Harland, Idaho Housing and Finance Association, Identity Theft Resource Center, Local Area Realtors, Local Area Dealers, Privacy Rights Clearing House, RSA, Star Network, Visa and Web Carbook. Any information you provide to these third-party and co-branded sites is collected by the service provider. Each of these third-party and co-branded sites maintain their own privacy statements. Please be aware that ICCU cannot be responsible for the privacy practices or content of other sites.

We also have links from to fully-branded service provider sites. As you view information on a fully-branded site you will see a change in the URL but the pages appear as ICCU’s and the service provider is not identified. All information collected on fully-branded sites is used by ICCU only and is not shared or used for any purpose other than processing your application and providing the requested service, but may be transferred as part of an acquisition or an insolvency proceeding. Fully branded sites include, but are not limited to: Mortgage Loan Servicing (EllieMae) and Loan and Membership Applications (Avoka). We have taken steps which foster the adoption and implementation of effective online privacy policies by those organizations with whom you and the Credit Union interact through this website.

Collection of Information

We may collect your individual personal and financial information from the following sources: application and contact forms you may complete, your account history with us or with others, your use of our website, credit reporting agencies, public records, third parties (such as companies that provide demographic information about you), and your transactions with us. Should you refuse to provide requested personal and financial information, we may not be able to open the account, loan, product, or service.

Nothing in this Online Privacy Statement affects our ability to collect, combine, use, verify, retain, and report, including sharing with our regulators, information submitted in connection with the provision of products and services. We also reserve the right to do the same with information obtained from public sources or third parties, and other information that does not personally identify you, without reference to this Online Privacy Statement.

Disclosure of Personal Information

We are committed to maintaining your trust by preserving the privacy of your personal information while offering you competitive financial products and services.

ICCU discloses personal information about you to unaffiliated third parties as allowed or required by law. This may include disclosures:

  • To the federal government as required by tax reporting laws and financial transaction reporting laws.
  • In response to valid subpoenas
  • To other financial institutions involved in processing your transactions
  • To our auditors, regulatory examiners, and legal advisers
  • To consumer reporting agencies
  • To third-party vendors such as our statement printer, the Zelle network, and card transaction processors with whom we contract to assist in providing products and services to you

We reserve the right to disclose personal information we have collected as indicated in the ICCU Privacy Policy or as required or allowed by law.

Sharing of Personal Information

Per the ICCU Privacy Policy, we disclose personal information to unaffiliated third-party joint marketing partners. Joint marketing partners are other financial institutions with whom we have made agreements to market and provide financial products and services to you jointly. While we do not warrant the products or services provided by joint marketing partners, we believe they represent excellent value for you.

Although ICCU does not share with unaffiliated third-party companies, except as provided by our Privacy Policy, we are aware that you may choose to do so to use their services.

For example, you may authorize a third-party company to access your personal information and account data to enable additional financial recommendations or services. An example would be authorizing Zelle to collect your contact list to expedite the Zelle payments or other similar services or apps.

Because third-party companies have access to your personal information and account data and may use your account sign-in credentials to provide the service, we recommend caution when granting such access.

Some third-party companies may use other companies to assist in providing services or accessing your personal information or account data. Anyone or all of these companies may be storing your personal information or account data. ICCU will not be responsible for using or disclosing any personal information or account data accessed by, or on behalf of, any company or person to whom you provide your ICCU sign-in credentials or account information. We do not control the privacy, security, or accuracy of personal information that may be held by third-party companies, which are governed by their privacy policy and data security program. We are also not responsible for any fees associated with these third-party services.

When you provide your ICCU sign-in credentials to a third party, you will be deemed to have authorized all transactions or actions initiated by that third party using the access information you provided, whether you are aware of the specific transaction or action.

When revoking access authority given to third-party companies, we strongly recommend changing your ICCU password to ensure added security. ICCU reserves the right to block or disable third-party access to any account without notice for security and other reasons.

We reserve the right to disclose any personal information we have collected about former members and former consumers of ICCU products and services and will do so only as permitted or required by law.

About Geolocation Information

The Controls & Alerts App periodically collects, transmits, and uses geolocation information to enable features that prevent fraudulent card use and send alerts, but only if the End User expressly authorizes collection of such information. Geolocation information can be monitored on a continuous basis in the background only while the Solution is being used or not at all, depending on the End User’s selection. End Users can change their location permissions at any time in their device settings.

Review our Privacy Policy in detail.

Children’s Online Privacy

From our site, we do not knowingly collect or use personal information from children under 13. If we become aware that we have obtained it, we will delete it.


We reserve the right to change this statement, and you agree it is your responsibility to check this statement periodically for any changes.

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