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Banking from Home – Is it really that easy?

March 26, 2020

Woman Banking from Home

With the world suddenly shifting to staying home, the importance of being able to do anything you need from home easily has risen. Many people are switching entirely to online shopping and only going to stores when absolutely necessary. Restaurant orders are being placed online ahead of time, groceries are being picked out the night before and picked up quickly during lunch breaks, and home essentials are being set up as subscriptions and getting delivered automatically exactly when needed!

At Idaho Central, we believe your banking doesn’t have to be any different, and we’re proud to offer many options to let you stay home and still get your to-do list done – everything from checking your balance, budgeting, making a deposit, applying for a loan, and paying your bills! Let’s go over some questions you may have…

What is eBranch?

eBranch is our online banking option, which allows you to manage your accounts online anytime, anywhere. eBranch serves as your own personal branch, right in your pocket, and allows you to perform the most routine banking tasks from the comfort of your computer or mobile device (with our app) at home, the office, or on the road. Day or night, seven days a week, eBranch is easy, safe, and convenient. Find tutorials to help you learn everything you need to know about eBranch now.

Is it secure?

When it comes to your finances, feeling secure is important. When you register for eBranch online banking with Idaho Central, you will be able to choose a username unique to yourself, a password, answer a few security questions, and select a secret image. All of these measures are put into place to help you feel secure each time you log in. Utilizing all three of these together, to secure your own login, protects your accounts with ICCU. For extra security, your mobile app can even be set to open with biometrics!

When setting up your username and password, or in reviewing it periodically, ask yourself, is this a username that others know? Is this a password that I have used before? Is it long enough? Does it have unique characters? Have I updated it recently? Do these questions have generic answers, ones that anyone could guess?

Can I manage my bills with it?

Absolutely! Through eBranch, we offer many different features to help you stay on top of your finances, including managing your bills. With our budgeting feature, you can keep track of each of your regular payments, and budget accordingly. This helps you see what’s coming up, and know exactly what is happening with your funds month to month. Our Savings Goals option is there to help you save for bigger purchases or payments that you may have, keeping those at the forefront of your mind!

When you’re ready to make payments, you can make them directly from our Bill Pay option! Bill Pay is a free, safe and convenient option to pay all of your bills from one location. From here, you are able to send checks and electronic payments, plus view past payments easily. Do you want to set up automatic payments for recurring bills? Bill Pay can handle all of that for you easily. No need to order more checks or stamps to mail in bills when you have Bill Pay to quickly and securely pay those bills!

What if I need to make a deposit?

While many jobs have fully switched over to electronic deposits, we know the age of receiving checks is not quite over. Making a deposit at your convenience has never been more important. Why spend your free time traveling to and from your branch after work? Why go through the trouble of loading your small children into the car? If there are numerous reasons why coming to a branch to deposit your check just isn’t convenient, Mobile Deposit, within our app, is the solution for you!

It works like this: you receive a check, you sign the back, snap a quick photo of the front and back of the check, enter in the amount, and deposit! Just like that, your deposit is made and you didn’t even have to leave you couch.

Do you have limited time to run errands? No need to make the choice between going into a branch and grocery shopping. No worries, just take out your phone, snap a quick picture of the front and back of the check, and you’re ready to go!

What if I need to open a new account or apply for a loan?

With the many great accounts we offer, at any point you may be thinking of opening a new CD account, a savings account, or just a secondary checking account. Or, maybe on your way to work this morning, your check-engine light came on yet again, and you’ve decided that it’s time to finally get that new car you’ve been eyeing.

In the past, this may have required calling up your financial institution, setting an appointment, getting in the car, driving all the way there, and then setting aside the next hour getting everything squared away for your new account or loan.

With our online banking, however, opening a new account or applying for a loan has never been easier! Simply log in, select the Open a New Account widget, and begin the process. Most necessary documents can be signed online, your loan officer will be happy to help you over the phone, and you will typically be able to get everything finished without ever leaving your house!

Isn’t it easier to do all of these things with a person who knows how to help?

We completely understand. You may start a loan application online, get a bit into it, and then realize that you have questions. The benefit of having a person who knows how to help guide you through this has not been forgotten, and our team is ready to help! We are available to help over the phone, through online chat, or even through VideoChat!

Our VideoChat team is excited to help you face to face, directly from your mobile app. Whether you need to sign loan documents, submit a wire transfer, inquire about an unfamiliar transaction, or even ask some questions about our products, there’s no need to leave your home. We’re excited to help!

How do I sign up for Online Banking?

We are happy to offer online banking to all of our members for free. If you have any account or loan with us, you’re eligible for this great benefit! If you are not currently enrolled in eBranch, simply fill out the enrollment form here: If you prefer, you can call us at 800-456-5067 to enroll over the phone.